Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I want to go out…. the mantra that Adi chants directly after breakfast. 10 days at home and the brat cannot think of anything else beyond loafing with friends day in and out. When I say NO, he gawks at me like am his foe, runs into the room right away where I have buried heaps of white paper, pulls out couple of ‘em and gets busy painting his heart off. The end result being a colorful mess on the floor and a bowl filled with black liquid. He does know the recipe to irk me. One look at the mess and I say “OUT YOU GO”. Out he goes and even before I breathe a sigh of relief, he returns with couple of other brats and says “they want to play with my toys”. OK! I have to be a good mom and so I smile the most gentle smile to fake a good image in front of the other kids and say ”WHY NOT”. Come in and have fun. Then I run into the room to avoid nagging them with NO es only to come out later and find all of ‘em sprawled on each other after a virtual earthquake.

Dushera holidays have always been fun for Adi. It’s either having a ball at home with a range of options like swimming and hanging around with friends or like always visit Ajith’s home in Kerala where all the cousins wander around the greenery,go fishing and frighten the snakes off their hiding once in a while. The list goes on until they tire themselves out only to get a good sleep which prepares them for the subsequent adventures the following day. However we missed it this time as Atul is not geared up to stay anywhere other than our home. Hope we can make it next time.

My holiday begins when Adi’s holiday ends which is 4 days from today[]


Veena said...

The three boys look naughty in the pic. My son samith is exact copy of Aditya when it comes to spending time at home.

Anjana said...


Now that the school has re-opened, you can have peace of mind for a few days. But hold on...the Diwali holidays start from next weekend!!!!