Wednesday, October 15, 2008

4 movies in a day …

…is not too much to watch if you enjoy them all likewise. Three Malayalam movies and one hindi movie this Sunday was a treat though I must confess that it was pirated CDs. We settled our bottoms at 9 A.M, took a break for lunch and continued the movie mela until 9 P.M thirsty for more. When the start is good only to get better with a gratifying end is time well spent even if it means a headache towards the end obviously as the heat from your bottom has transferred to your head after being a couch potato for 9 hrs at a stretch. Though the Hindi movie didn’t match up to the Malayalam movie themes which are usually more realistic, it definitely had a breezy effect towards the end.

Bachana ae haseeno with Ranbir aka raj( wonder what’s with the kapoor family- addicted to the name “raj” ) in the lead role who plays the flirt .The lady cast includes the dashing Bipasha, Deepika padukone and Minissha. The flirt dumps two women only to get dumped by the third women who manages to turn the man into a saint. The saint realizes his folly, wants to make an apology and heads back to the two women who by now have lost their conviction in love and are leading a mechanical life. How the guy admits the guilt is bakwaas!! However the first half is funny but the second half is pathetic with a dull climax.


deepali said...

Bachna ae haseeno has a decent plot but ultimately, the climax is rushed and thus dissatisfying.