Thursday, October 2, 2008

Continental with love

That was my gift to the old man on his birthday!! When the taste buds get bugged of customary food, I thought it best to cook up something different. While the norm was to go out for dinner to some elite bistro for either of our birthdays, I thought of giving a personal touch to the gift and the outcome was this

Mashed potato and gravy, grilled chicken and tomato, boiled veggies

Look at the blissful look on the old man's face :)


Rashmi said...

Vidya, that looks very professional! I am sure the old man enjoyed his dinner:-) Great job.

Stumped said...

YUMMY... That looks delicious & when are you cooking for me again. :o)

Milind said...

Looks yum...please provide the recipe for mashed potato

Sweet Jasmine said...

Belated birthday wish to yr old man..he seems to be enjoying the food cook with love:)

Come and claim some awards from my place.

Linda said...

hey dashin woman, n wat 'bout ur old man...he sure seems content with his wine,food,wife n life!!! our thinkin matches quite often. My old man was offerred a sumptuous udupi Thali(8 vegetables,4 curries and 2 sweets)this Bday(jus a few weeks bac-oct13)all made by me in 2 hours time...pooh slogged my life out...the sayin "the way to a man's heart is thru his stomach"is so true with our men.