Monday, September 1, 2008


I never considered that I would learn salsa at this point of my life. At 32, dancing to the tune of Hips Don’t Lie is like dream come true. Not that I ever dreamt of it since I never heard of salsa until my hubby told me about one crazy guy in his office who exhausted more time on salsa than on his job. I shared the same view as Ajith about this guy wasting time or rather spending time at the salsa club, when he should be coding his a$$ off. I guess I have changed my attitude now since I know what salsa can do to you. It can gobble you and your time. When an amateur like me can spend hours practicing the basic steps of salsa, I don’t blame a pro. I have been coaxing Ajith to be my partner for quiet sometime now. He is ready and is a bit more tolerant to that guy who is a salsa freak. Thank to my influence
Check out this salsa video

Check out Hips Don’t Lie for which we are rocking to.


sk said...

The 3rd Annual Indian International Salsa Congress took place in Bangalore last month. V missed ur performance. Better luck next time!

Yogi Naik said...

Hmm. I don't think I or may be most guys can get Salsa easily. One of the good ways to saty fit though :)

U.Lee said...

Hi, Salsa is one real hot dance. Exotic too, all that gyrations.
But guess I'll stick to my Argentina Tango, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Miss Stymie said...

Inform me in case you get to know about the next AIISC. You won't miss me next time. Better luck to you as a spectator :))
Hey yogi you should try it.With sumee as your partner, you'll have more fun in life.
You are right.Salsa is a real hot dance and tango is hotter i guess. haha.Thanks for your comment.