Sunday, September 14, 2008

In honour of Lord Mahabali...

...we celebrated Onam with packed vigor despite my handicapped right hand. For a change Ajith was home this Onam, thanks to my hand. He inaugurated the day with a beautiful pookkalam that he laid out with immense care. Adi had to go to school as he could not afford to skip his monthly class test. However we promised him a surprise after he returns from school. The surprise as usual was a sumptuous lunch we planned earlier that day. The highlight of the day was the extravagant pot luck dinner thought-out by a couple of friends. With the help of my maid I managed to get things in order by noon. It's a custom to wear new clothes on this day and we call it Onakkodi.

Check out our get-together pics.

The Onam Sadya was quite elaborate with Parippu, Sambar, Erisseri, Pachadi, Inji-puli, Kaalan, Olan, Aviyal and two types of Payasam along with Pappadam, Pazham, Chips, Moru, Pulisseri, Pickle etc. Thanks to the efforts taken by Deepa, Prasidha, Bindu, Ajith and Me.

The Ladies in the traditional attire

The men in the traditional attire

The kids enjoying the sadya

The men's turn

The ladies final shot

The Onam celebrations at our apartment complex is scheduled for next week, which we are all eagerly looking forward to...



happy onam vidhya think u enjoyed a lot

Billy's Mom said...

Happy Onam to you and your family.
Beautiful pics!