Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Grandmom’s cricket team

Yes! My 93 year old grandmom is a proud mom of twelve children and by god’s grace she is still alive with no ailments in contrary to her eldest daughter who is bed ridden as of now.
Can I associate her good health to the unavoidable active life she endured in nurturing her kids? Also the pollution free, healthy climate in Kerala would have had a key role to play.
When I ask my mom about her childhood days, she has plenty tales to narrate unfolding their fun filled days of climbing trees, eating fresh fruits straight from the source (the organic way), playing in their own pond (swimming pool in modern terms), the fights ,the gossips, the jokes 24/7 etc . They didn’t have to find company elsewhere unlike us since they had enough and more right at home. I failed to mention that my mom has 8 brothers and 3 sisters. Sadly two of my uncles passed away in the prime of their life due to mishaps. While one of them left behind a family, the other was just engaged when he lost his life. The one who left behind a family died in a road accident and the other died by accidentally falling into a drain at workplace (Bhilai steel plant). The rest of them have done well for themselves and am sure my grandmom is one proud mama. She was lucky to attend the marriage of 9 grandchildren and if she gets luckier there will be 10 more to go. I would like to add that, she is still young at heart as she never fails to mention about the way an old man offered her help when she waited to cross a road.


SK said...

Job well done and well executed by your grandpa!

Miss Stymie said...

Try and follow his footsteps[:)]

sk said...

Thanks for the advice, will tell this to ajith as well