Monday, August 11, 2008

Independence Day Celebration at CG

Too much to handle and very less time. Independence Day is fast approaching and couple of us are coordinating in putting up a cultural program. Right now everything looks hazy since we have sacrificed food and sleep to get things in order. Too may kids and too much of confusion. Handling toddlers has been the toughest part since most of ‘em suffer from separation anxiety. They are putting up a fancy dress show where each one will represent a state in India. Lots of color and am sure they will look adorable in their costumes and people must be ready to accept the disorder when these kids howl for their moms. Another set is the 6 and above age group .To get them to practice their dance is like chasing behind a set of buffaloes. On the other hand, the 7 and above are the serious types who never stop once they begin to dance. Finally it is us ladies who have left family far behind to pursue an interest devoid of taste but have the courage to try. Yes! We are formally dancing on stage at the age of 32. Whoever dares to show their teeth on that day will be dragged to stage and asked to perform. Beware!!!!

Snaps of independence day celebration will soon follow.