Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Christmas is a season of festivity and there is some kind of magic in the air as it approaches. The lights and decorations around us bring in a lot of excitement and seeing them will raise the spirit of all including people feeling low. We had a humble celebration in our apartment and the kids were asked to get some decoration for the Christmas tree that we put up in front of the reception. Adi was all excited to hear that Santa will be coming with gifts in the evening and he got busy creating decorations for the Christmas tree. He came up with a Santa Claus made of shuttle cock and cut out a huge bell with paper and colored it suitably. The other kids were also equally excited and came up with some wonderful decorations for the tree. All of us gathered down in code Red and the kids were getting a bit impatient as Santa was taking a while longer. However the music playing in the background kept the kids busy as they rocked to them and finally Santa arrived. While he greeted everyone, the kids were busy prying with the red bag he had over his shoulder. Santa began to tease the kids by running away from them, but the little brats lost patience and pulled out his cap. He was lucky that he didn’t get stripped whilst poor Santa realized that it’s time to give away the gifts if he had to return home graciously or he would have learnt the hard way not to mess with them.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have fun all of you all, I will be in Kerala this new year and hoping to have a ball with my hubby’s family. I will leave you with some pics of the Christmas tree in our Apt.

Check out the red bell that Adi made for the tree