Tuesday, January 19, 2010

May Her Soul Rest in Peace

I wont come up with the same excuse this time other than the fact that I was plain lazy in filling you all in. A lot has happened since I last updated and to begin with let me give you a brief on our vacation at Ajith’s home in Kerala. The weather was puuuuurfect , not too cold nor too hot. Both my Sis-in-Laws with kids were there and we had a good time showing off our culinary skills. That ensured sumptuous food throughout our stay there. I had warned Adi about snakes wandering around the property during this season and like the saying goes “talk about the devil and the devil is here “, Adi and cousins spotted a viper right in front of the house the very next day. The kids tried to be a bit adventurous by getting close to it but since this snake cannot see in daytime, it was moving very slowly. Ajith killed the snake without second thoughts while the others were busy compelling him to do so. The little brats were excited but not scared. That’s about the little adventure they had, but sad news hit me on the day before New Year. My aunt passed away (my father’s brother’s wife), she was 60 and bedridden for six years, and both her legs were amputated because of high sugar levels. I and my mom in law went to see her and her face reminded me of all the good times I spent in summer all through my younger years. She was a very warm hearted, strong person and had to struggle throughout her life as my uncle died early. She had a good job which took care of the financial side and brought up her two daughters without letting them feel the loss of my uncle. She inspired me in various ways which I may not be able to pen in here and I loved her for it. Even though I wasn’t around her much, she has touched me in various ways and I think very few can give that kind of an impression in one’s life.
As I looked at the pale, white, lifeless body, I could not hold it any longer as I sobbed dejectedly on my cousin’s shoulders. On the other hand, I was glad her misery ended.