Monday, November 23, 2009

Update :)

Ok I have a confession to make and that is “I am a farmville addict “which kept me from blogging for almost a month now and I felt like I have forgotten to connect my thoughts into words. I must say it’s been stimulating to do something else other than blogging but on the way I missed to update you all about a few accomplishments of my dear Adi which am proud of and they are….they are ….they are…. “first prize for handwriting competition and a consolation prize for drawing competition in school (forgot to mention that he got the first prize for drawing competition last year when he was in first standard)” and wow!! I like to use the word first a lot, as mama vidya never was first in anything. All thanks to papa Aju for transferring his smart genes to his son . I must admit that he gets the artistic strokes quiet naturally and seems like it has a part to play in his handwriting too. But the boy does get impatient and tends to get all dirty when not in mood but his dirty handwriting is like my neat one hehehe.Well! I would like to record these moments as such little achievements can be forgotten easily with passing time and owing to my poor memory , I would like to look back some day in future and feel proud of his modest triumphs during his childhood.
Atul on the other hand is happy in his own way and hasn’t fallen ill with common ailments off late which have kept my mind at peace (touch wood). His little antics and smiles brighten our day. Check out his latest video.