Saturday, February 2, 2008

Taare Zameen Par and Aamir Asmaan Par

Lot of talk about the movie and am sure it is worthy of all the attention it is receiving.. Hats of to Aamir and team for coming up with a sensitive issue in addition to directing it so well=Bulls eye . I am certain that he must have made up his mind to obtain an oscar particularly after Lagaan was qualified.
I saw an interview of the boy who played Ishaan avasti in TZP. Truly commendable acting by the little boy and am not surprised that he refused the best child artist award and demanded for the best actor award. The subject of the movie has definitely touched my heart and am sure it would have touched many others. The dialogue as Aamir puts it in the movie ”parents ambitions being shoved upon the child is worst than child labour” is definitely a punch line statement. Many of us may conflict with the fact that we may be doing it to our own kids and its time we change. Adi’s school screened the movie for teachers and kids and I hope at least few of them try to transform and adapt the same. Indian system of education is mainly competitive and needs a change. As years pass by, kids are expected to be robots where parents play a main role in driving their kids to the edge and later blame on competition when things don’t turn out as expected. Adi’s school is an epitome of this kind of madness and they make sure that every kid is dragged into this mess. Wish I could do something to change the entire system of education and I think the least I can do is voice it on my blog. The movie has definitely changed the way I look at my kid.


Anonymous said...

TZP was an excellent movie. Good to see that Aamir is putting wholehearted effort into themes - other than those stupid triangular love stories - to address some social issues prevailing in India.

- Anonymous

Thanu said...

You are so right KC. Our education system needs to change from the very beginning. All said and done, the best we can do is not force our kids into this rat race.If atleast 50 % of parents do this, there is definitely some hope.

Sumedha said...

TZP has the most outstanding performances,vision of writer & great director Aamir .. Aamir always keeps proving that he is here to make a difference in the world.. Any parent who sees this movie definitely change the way they treat their kids during their homework ... I know I did. ;o).. Now I have get my hubby watch it soon.!!!! :o)..