Friday, February 22, 2008

Aditya’s Art Attack

Adi has been a big buff of the Art Attack show on Disney channel. The host is not only creative but also comical. Adi’s preferred topics has been anything related to haunted. Few days back the host on art attack was demonstrating the ways of painting a haunted house. It appeared very easy and my son decided to attempt it. The main element was black and my son drew a house on a white sheet of paper and picked up the black paint to begin his quest with it. He began to paint and he sat fixed for an hour or so. I was busy in the kitchen but I kept watching his face as he proceeded with the painting. His face changed from pleasant to puzzled to irritated to shocked to miserable to sob. Finally he showed me the outcome and I was shocked at what I saw. The white sheet was totally black. My instinct was to laugh out loud but I had to control and lift his spirits. With great difficulty, I muttered something like this” The painting is beautiful, in fact the symbol of haunt is black and you have done just that, except for the fine details missing. Next time will be much better” and I had to run to the bathroom and laugh at what I managed to say :). Sitting straight for an hour to finally show me a black sheet of paper was absolutely an attack.


Brenda said...

This post brought back memories! When I was young (more than a few years ago) I did something very similar to your son. I can't remember what I was drawing, but by the time I'd added in all the detail, my picture was a big blob of formless paint. Oh, the struggles of the emerging artist!

Miss Stymie said...

Thanks for leaving a comment brenda.