Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cake Baking Spree and Power Cut Panic

Wonder what kept tingling my sweet tooth for a while and even before I realized I was off to the kitchen, gathering all I had in hand for baking a cake. This is not my first time at it but each time has been different. I am puzzled at the reality that even with the same recipe the outcome has been varied. Occasionally it is unbelievable and at other times a ruin. Well!! that may indicate that am not a natural cook and I need lots of experience and patience for getting a satisfying outcome. Also to blame the power cuts which may occur in-between the baking process which happened to the banana cake I made this time. But god’s grace, power was back within minutes .I haven’t been that lucky in the past because of which I had given up baking for a while. Well this time was good and so I dared post this on my blog.
Thanu I was definitely inspired by the look of the cakes in your blog and was wondering why there hasn’t been some cooking going on for a while. Hope the photos below will motivate you to put up something new.
I baked the chocolate cake initially and my taste buds didn’t stop tingling and so I made the banana cake the following day.

Chocolate cake with choco icing on top

Banana cake


Thanu said...

Hey wow KC! I had no clue you were into baking. Am i glad to hear that!! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to bake. May be i will take baking lessons from you once i return:). Cute shape for the banana cake.

Sumedha said...

Cute banana cake shape.. :o).. where is my cake.. :oi

Anonymous said...

nice & delicious can u mail me a bite...........amit