Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Goan Prawn curry

When it comes to food am positive that every single human on this earth will show interest as long as you are not a saint (Am not sure if they are feeding their desires secretly). Don’t anticipate me to give you all the recipe considering the title. When I first saw the video of this recipe on you tube, I thought it may taste yuck but something just made me attempt it and I was quite amazed at the outcome. The blend of spices and the process of making it were quite out of the ordinary from the customary malayali recipes, which I am used to. Now I know that all of you are dying to know the recipe and here it goes


I have also observed that most of the goan food tastes like malayali food. The use of coconut milk and kokum is universal in both the regions.Well! who does not desire a change from routine. Go ahead and try the recipe.
P.S Let me also add that nobody can beat my mom's prawn recipe and if I have to share that you guys have to mail me :)