Thursday, November 15, 2007

Atul Again

I suppose it’s high time I dedicate this blog to Atul since I can’t think beyond Atul at this point of time. A bundle has happened since the last time I blogged and I keep wondering how I manage to stay positive even after receiving the worst ever prognosis for my little angel. Guess what, my darling has come up with a new diagnosis called infantile spasms and I am using this blog to vent. It’s a very grave disorder and am trying my best to cope. I don’t want to shed a tear (atleast not in front of others). This is a letter for those who stare at my baby wondering what is wrong with him

My name is Atul, and my mom saw you looking
at me with " that look"
I'm sorry if I don't meet your expectations, but, you see I have had lots of problems already in my short life. For one thing I’m legally blind, and therefore can't look directly
at you, which is something I'd love to do. I was also born with something
they call "Infantile Spasms" which causes me to have seizures from time to time, and they always scare me so much, and make me cry, and that's why I can't walk and run like other children my age. My Mommy and Daddy, my big brother Aditya, my Grandmas and Grandpa all do lots of special things for me to help me be
"normal", so I will eventually be able to walk and run and do lots of other
things, but in the meantime, please be tolerant with me and accept me for what I am: A sweet, smart, happy baby, who does the best he can............. You see GOD isn't done with me yet.........