Monday, February 9, 2009

Trip to Gurukul in Adi’s words

On 5th Feb I went to gurukul. I went by bus and it was a long journey to gurukul. In the bus I was sharing food like biscuits , popcorn, chips and many more. As soon as we got down from the bus,we were shocked to see 12 huts , two of which were huge. We even saw 1000‘s of plants and trees. Then we went for breakfast .They served dosa with carrot slices on top. Next, some actors came to teach us how to act. They introduced themselves and we introduced ourselves. Then our main actor teacher separated the groups. I was in group A. We played lot of games and they were very good and interesting for us. After that we had lunch. For lunch we ate papad ,rice chapathi , chana, and curd. After that we painted. Our group was told a story. According to that we had to make a portrait. of the story. Our story was the clever jackal or the foolish lion. The teacher said that mine was the best painting but I did not do it fast, I was only second. Then we played games again and started learning how to act. Just then the other group came to see our act. The lead teacher said that, both the teams won. We were very happy. Then they showed their act . Their act was about the two swans and turtle. It was very nice. Next we played a little more games. Then we had our snacks. I had two cups of coffee. Then we took some plants like kacha mango, Actually I only took kacha mango. Then we went back to our school by bus. But when we were returning, it was not good because I hit my forehead and teeth on the bus handle. Then we settled in our school waiting for our parents. As my father came, we had greater fun in the car because I had my friends with me and we got our own bingo chips. I went back home and had a nice hot bath. Then I slept. I had my dinner and that was the time when my mother typed this for me.

P.S : New Horizon Gurukul,is a nature campus meant to provide a whole new learning experience for children. Classrooms without blackboards. Teachers without textbooks. Students without uniforms. And no ding-dong to remind them of break time.


Amitabh said...

I have seen this place from the outside. Whenever I drive that way to drop my wife at Gear International. There is a huge boundary wall that prevents you from seeing anything inside. Once in a while, when the door is open, one can see some huts, lot of greenery and I think I saw a cow once. Put up a few photographs of the inside so that we mere mortals can have a look (that should not get your son expelled from New Horizon though!)

Miss Stymie said...

Hey Amitabh...Thanks for your comment.In fact I haven't visited the place yet.I will definitely try to post some pics the minute I get a chance.