Thursday, February 5, 2009

Did you hear about it…

After all that scandal of beating up women in the pub, Shri Ram Sena is upto something interesting .They’re going to drag around priests, and forcibly marry off couples found ‘dating, expressing their love or cozying up to each other’.
Check that link

Wow! What a blessing for couples who are in love against parent’s wishes. They just need to show up hand in hand in a pub in Mangalore or Banaglore on Valentine’s day and our angel Muthalik will get them married. I guess this man is a blessing in disguise for love birds struggling to get married.
When I first heard about a pub in Mangalore being attacked and women beaten up and pushed out , I was angry , shocked, shaken ….It is sad when a lady can’t sit down for a drink with her friends (be it another man or women) just because we are women. I don’t know where to start opposing. Some junkies in the name of moral policing is out there pulling hair and dragging women. I call this molestation by some weird men who are plain jealous that no ladies would like to have a drink with hooligans like them.
I wonder if Shri Ram would approve of such behavior and I pray they go to hell.