Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bunch of Morons

Rant Alert!
A string of untoward events have been taking place for a while now and I blame it on fate. The foremost was just after Ganesh celebration. A prospective client who had signed an agreement to buy our two bedroom flat unexpectedly decided not to and broke the news exactly a month after signing the paper. We were shocked at his abrupt change in mind as he was still looking for better options after getting into an agreement with us. Hats off to his guts to do so, especially after cautioning us against marketing our home for a better price. I get a feeling that he must have looked for other options even after getting engaged to a girl! I am worried about the one he is married to. Hopefully he isn’t reading my blog.
 Jokes apart, the bit that irked me most was the process that led to signing the agreement which in itself was an elongated and laborious one. He claimed that, it was the first time that he has been investing in a property and so the apprehension, which was at least tolerable. To my surprise, he walked in with a measuring tape the day he came to check out our home, to measure the dimensions of the house as he said he doesn’t trust the document. When that was sorted, he bargained over the price and the upright hubby budged to his terms. Hubby isn’t the negotiating type and wanted to avoid many rounds of conversation. He then wanted to check the authenticity of the documents. That took a couple of days and he returned satisfied. Finally he is ready for the sale agreement during which we clearly mention that the sale deed would be done only after 2 months during which time our new one would be ready. He agrees willingly and fixes the date for the agreement. This was followed by the process of fixing an advance amount to be paid for reserving the flat. That was only a meagre 2% of the entire amount. I was stupefied when he said that he could only disburse 0.1%. For a moment I wondered if he was picturing buying a couch. However hubby sensed trouble and preferred calling it off. We decide to step out of the deal while this man pursues further and manages to negotiate at 0.25%.” Dumb us “We agreed just to get him off our back. 
The rest of the story is predictable. He kept looking for better options within our own complex and unearthed one. He got back to us saying that he came across another one, which has 20 sq. ft. of extra balcony are and demanded his advance back. Ahem! He thinks we are clowns.  

The next incident doesn’t affect us much as this did. We had procured 15 bags of sand for civil work in our new flat. It arrived on a holiday and our labourers weren’t available on that day to store the bags in our working site. It was placed on the side of the approach road without much hindrance to the movement of vehicles. The plan was to move it as soon as the labourers return the subsequent day. By then, an overly vigilant member in charge of cleanliness of our apartment who is known for breaking rules himself walks up to the security and orders them to dump all the sand in the play area without verifying with us. When questioned about the hasty act, he declared that personal belongings should not be placed in the common area even if it is for a day. The funny part being that this man resides in the ground floor and for years his potted plants are lying in the common area. The irony!


Shantha said...

you should teach them a lesson...Y dont you break all his pots in the common area or ask the kids to do it hehehehehhee