Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Update

Time is flying and I don’t want summer to be over yet. Waking late in the morning and lazing around with the kids has been the order of the day and I would like to hold on to it a little longer. Also, not having to plan the day when it comes to food is luxury.
Weekend outings to water parks, and other local attractions, catching up with friends and family are spoiling us. Swimming in the pool late evening is refreshing. What more could I ask for especially when we decided to spend this summer at home in Bangalore and not visit granny in Kerala which is the case otherwise. Summer has been pleasant in Bangalore so far and I am glad that we visited granny in the month of December else we would have been sweating out in Kerala, struggling with heat boils.
Managing Adi is not a problem as his friends in the apartment are available 24/7. After breakfast, he is out by 9 in the morning fooling around with a bunch of likes and tries to make it by lunch, peeking in with a guilty face for not having come for milk and snack break as promised. The brat is capable of starving the whole day just to loiter with his friends. Watching him and his friends dive or fly or flip over into the pool gives me dreadful dreams, all part of the parcel I guess.
We had been to Wonder La (Water Park in Bangalore) a couple of days back with sister’s family and a friend .It was fun.The water rides were definitely a welcome break to cut the summer heat.Sliding down those steep, curvy water slides was a thrilling experience and the wave pool was best of all as I loved it when the the waves hit our back giving us a massaging effect. We did get into some gut wrenching dry rides only to come out dazed and disoriented. Will share a couple of pics here except the water rides as we could not handle the camera in water :)