Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Cocktail Party

It’s been a while since we “married with kids type” were planning on a women’s day out or rather a break from the routine while daddies baby sit. Well! There could be nothing perfect than a birthday excuse. It was shilpa’s birthday and it took just an hour of planning to materialize it. Sometimes things don’t work if we have been planning for too long and it turns out just perfect when it’s all spontaneous. The birthday girl gave us an hours notice for a cocktail party and we were all excited. To many this may sound awkward considering it being a women’s day out in India or am I being conservative thinking that very few women in India go to a pub especially after the Shiv sena incident. That definitely has not hampered our spirits and off we went to have a good time at Indijoe which is a trendy bar that houses an array of exotic drinks, cocktails and wines. It’s located opposite our apartment and we merrily chitchatted our way to the bistro. Few of them who don’t drink joined just for the fun of it. It was happy hours at Indijoe which meant easy on shilpa’s wallet but she seemed to be in high spirits, ready for a ball. Cracking the menu was quite tricky as most of us being occasional drinkers were not familiar with the terms in the menu book. Thankfully one of ‘em in the group knew a bit more than the others (thanks to her husband’s expert counseling) and she helped us choose the right drinks which would keep us on our feet or rather not knock us off. After one hook of light drinks, we geared up our guts for another one and this time our advisor turned evil and wanted us to go overboard with a tequila shot. The wise us called it a day after a wonderful session of gossip, starters and drinks that we could handle!! Thanks Shilpa , and here’s wishing you a happy happy birthday .We really had a good time.