Monday, April 20, 2009

This is why I love my in-laws' home

The 8 day long vacation in Aju’s home at Kerala has ended and it has left us incomplete and nostalgic. Honestly, I didn’t expect the vacation to be pleasant considering Atul’s sensitive health. Both my sister-in-laws' families were at home and all I expected was chaos. Surprisingly, I never had this much fun in the recent past with all of 'em at home prattling away endlessly. Here are a few pics:

At the airport... I should mention that the new international airport at Bangalore is truly incredible. We reached Kerala in an hour and as we stepped out of the airport, we took a lungful of fresh air. It felt revitalizing as opposed to the polluted air in Bangalore.

Two days later was Vishu festival which is the Malayalam New Year's Day. The sadya (traditional lunch) that we managed to put up on that day left me and my MIL sweating.

Adi and cousins busy with goats in the neighboring home. I never got to see Adi around most of the day as he was busy exploring the neighborhood and the vast green land surrounding Aju’s home.

The Buddhist monks on an expedition carrying fishing rods (Adi had a close hair cut to save himself from the sultry weather)

Check out the approach road in front of Aju’s home. Myself and Shilpa (Aju’s niece)

Aju all set to fish in a canal running close to his home.

Cousin's vegetable farm

Bitter Gourd plants

Fishing in style...

..and the poor fish got caught so were 8 others which were fried and eaten that night

Carefully transferring the fish into the jug...

Lush green greenery

A Happy Adi


Baiju raj said...

Kerala is the real gods own country. We techies (bachellors) visit our homes almost every weekend via bus it's only a night away.

Nice pics :)

Thanu said...

Nice post Vids... the picture brings back memories of my visits to Kerala. Hope to have a holiday home sometime soon in R's ancestral land .The ideal retreat from Bangalore's hustle bustle.

Stumped said...

Nice pics Viddi... I reminded of my childhood days wandering in my native place.. look very simillar. ofcourse you guys have seen it., rem our final yr trip. ;o)

priscus said...

The food seem super yummy. I really wish to visit India one of these days.