Sunday, March 1, 2009

Obsessed Reader…

… is what Adi has been lately and I am not sure if I should be worried or happy. I am pleased that he is gaining some knowledge and worried that his eyes don’t seem to get rest. Recently during the republic day celebrations at our apartment, couple of us had put up food stalls, book stalls and game stalls. I and hub had raised a food stall and we were busy selling our stuff while Adi kept nudging us repeatedly to give him money to get the coupons so he could venture around buying things. Out of frustration, Aj gave him a hundred rupee note shooed him away telling him to buy anything he pleases. Adi disappeared amongst the crowd while we got to work. I glanced around time and again but could not spot him in the dim light. After an hour or so, Adi approached our counter with 20 books in his hand. While we looked at the excited boy disbelievingly, he was content with buying books rather than getting himself something to eat. However he had to do with the leftovers in our stall, but the books have kept him busy ever since.

P.S : How I wish one of the book he read belonged to his school bag.


Bindu said...

please vidya, don't crib on this. For god sake he is only READING!I feel u should encourage this habit, rather than worrying about it. Its amazing to know kids of his age shows so much interest in books. well done adi! bindu aunty will say keep up the good work!!!!

Miss Stymie said...

Bindu, I am not cribbing exactly.It's that, I am plain worried at the sight of him reading while eating, sleeping and with the TV "ON". I would definitely be happy if he could balance his "fine" habit.

Sunaya said...

Am visiting this blog for the first time and the first blog i read is about Adi. "Obsessed reader" -- Liked that phrase.

Good to hear that he is reading. Am trying to impart reading habit in my three year old. just introducing her to the world of books..

I am browsing through your other posts also .. Will keep in touch